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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Changing Jobs

Job changes may not be as life-changing as career changes, but they’re significant all the same. You may have to change location, and even if you don’t, it still involves dealing with a change of responsibilities, new (and sometimes hostile) colleagues, and an entirely different work setup. Some people often regret changing jobs and this is because they’ve either not thought out their decision carefully or because they’re not patient enough to realize that a job change does not always work out for the better immediately. In general, it’s the mistakes that people make when changing jobs that make their future uncertain. So if you’re thinking of making the switch, here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  • Change jobs for the money alone: If you’re changing jobs just because the money is good, remember that money is not everything. Yes, the dollar signs could make it easier for you to bear the hardships that may come with the job, but when you take on a job that you don’t really like for the money, it’s hard to sustain your enthusiasm for it on a daily basis in the long term. If you think you can cope with anything at the new place and you really need the money, then go ahead by all means, but be prepared to deal with the repercussions that may arise – you may have a lower designation, your work hours may increase, and your social life may change drastically.
  • Assume that the new job will definitely be better: If you’re changing jobs because you find your current work environment hostile and unsupportive, you may find to your surprise that the new place could be worse. So before you jump from the frying pan into the fire, make enquiries, do your research, and take on a new job only if you have the conviction that you can make it work, no matter what. Also, it may be your attitude that is causing the hostility in your workplace and not that of your coworkers. So if you find that you face the same problem no matter how many jobs you change, it’s time to take an inward look and change yourself to be able to get along better with other people.
  • Make drastic changes in your life: If the new job requires you to travel frequently when you’re used to a sedentary life, you may find that it’s not to your liking. If you have to move your family to another state, your children and spouse will be severely affected because they have to give up their friends, schools, work and social circles to accommodate your job change. And if you have to live away from your family because of the new job, you may find that money does not compensate for loneliness and alienation of affection. So before you take on a job that causes you to make drastic changes, think through the pros and cons long and hard so that you don’t have any regrets at a later date.

26 Blog Posts for Going Green at the Office

Offices all over the world are making an effort to go green. Reducing the amount of waste and toning down the quantity of office supplies ordered is easy when everyone is on board. While there are different ways of going about implementing eco-friendly practices in the office, it seems to be most effective when it higher-ups don’t take preachy approach and instead make it a team effort.

Blog Posts On Taking the Entire Office Green

These blog posts will show you how to make major changes to take an entire office green, which can result in employees being more aware of areas they can make green tweaks in and out of the work place.

    1. Green Office – TechSoup Blog : This site walks every type of office through going green, including libraries and non-profit agencies. They also offer realistic goals for the office that wants to make a change.

    2. Microsoft Small Business Blog – How Green is Your Office? : What prevents an office from going green? Employees who think there’s no room for change. Learn more about accessing how green your office is with this post.

    3. Earth 911 – 8 Ways to Green Your Office : Basic tips for making your office eco-friendly, with the stats to back up why you should make the change.

    4. Nature Canada – Green Office: Make Your Workplace Environmentally Friendly : This is a rundown of simple changes you can make to go green, even if your office isn’t making a collective effort. You never know who may notice and start to do the same.

    5. Fast Company – Easing the Switch to Green Office Supplies : Is making the switch to green office supplies easy or feasible on a large scale? Find out with this informative article on changing the supplies used daily in your office.

    6. Kuuala BlogKuuala is an online resource for green office supplies, but it’s blog is also a great tool because it shows you how to implement those supplies seamlessly. After all, not everyone loves change.

    7. Office Furniture Blog : Get the skinny on green office furniture, including how to buy it and what makes it different than the usual suspects we see in dowdy offices.

    8. Midlands Biz – Greening Your Office : We all want to go green to help the planet, but ultimately it improves the bottom line for many companies. Big and small businesses can benefit from environmental practices and purchases and this post explains how.

    9. 7 Steps to Creating a Recycling Program at Work : 84% of waste in the U.S. can be recycled. This post walks you through starting up a recycling program to cut down on the waste in your office.

    10. Peripheral Visions – 19 Ways to Go Green at Work : Here’s a list of simple, effective ways to go green at the office starting today.

    11. Green America – Green Business : This site is aimed at socially conscious and environmental companies. While large companies may find it difficult to make major changes in these areas, small business and startups can move in the right direction with the planet in mind.

    12. Green Office Makeover : Check out how to make major changes to your office to improve air quality and get employees thinking green for the long haul.

    13. A Dozen Tips for the Total Greening of Your Business : These are tips gathered from a 2009 green convention that discusses LEED certified buildings and why avoiding going green can be detrimental for a business.

    14. GreenBiz – How Companies Manage Sustainability Tradeoffs : Do green practices work for every business? This article discusses what’s easy and what’s more difficult to implement when it comes to a green office.

    15. Earth 911 – 8 Ways to Not Get Tricked While Going Green : It’s important for the folks in your office to know that not all paper can be recycled and not everything that’s seemingly biodegradable actually is. Get the facts with this quick list.

Blog Posts On Making Your Home Office Green

Working at home is already great for the environment (after all, there’s no emissions getting to your living room desk), but you can take it a step further by trying out the tips suggested by these smart posts from environmental living sites around the web.

    16. Green Office Projects – Greening Your Home Office : From recycling to being energy efficient when it comes to laptops and printers, this post gives you .

    17. Best Green Home Tips – Green Your Home Office : This site gives you tips for going green at home, but this post is directed at home office. Learn how to look for eco-friendly decor and accessing when it’s time to replace an item.

    18. Green Living Ideas – Eco-Friendly Printing Options for Home Office : Learn how to recycle ink cartridges and how to choose a low energy printer.

    19. Freelance Folder – 10 Ways to Green Your Home Office : This post shows you how to choose eco-friendly light bulbs and clean your space with environmental products that are free of chemicals.

    20. Bella Online – Ten Tips for Going Green in Your Small or Home Office : These are tips specifically aimed at a small or at-home business that won’t run into any red tape when it comes to recycling and reusing.

    21. Amazon – Tips for a Green Home Office : Choosing refurbished electronics and being smart about how much energy you use are just a few of the helpful tips in this article.

    22. eHow – Paper for an Eco-Friendly Home Office : You can go beyond the basic recycling of paper by reusing every bit you can in your home office. This includes scrap paper for lists and notes, as well as envelopes by taping a swatch of paper over the addresses.

    23. Six Green Computing Tips for a Sustainable Home Office : We love these smart computing ideas that will help your hardware run more efficiently, saving you time and money while working from home.

    24. Green Living Tips – Energy and Power : Working at home means everything from the lights to computers can be controlled by you. This blog post discusses how to use less energy in your home by choosing the right insulation and choosing Energy Star approved office equipment.

    25. TreeHugger – Working From Home Makes More Sense Than Ever : Here’s why working from home is the direction many companies are going and how you can ensure your space is still doing its part for the planet.

    26. Lifehack – Greening Your Home Office : This is a great post to read when you’re looking for quick things you can start doing in your home office to save energy and use less. If you’re looking for a major overhaul in terms of solar energy, there’s info on that too.

Greening the office is easy for a large corporation or a home office. The key is getting everyone involved and making changes in phases if you’re dealing with a company that employs hundreds. Make employees aware of the changes and why they’re happening. Many people are already going green at home and will be happy to bring their ideas and green living practices to work.