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40 Exceptional YouTube Videos to Learn About HR Careers

If you’re into human resources as a career choice, but you’re tired of reading, then take a break and watch a few videos about HR careers. This list of 40 exceptional YouTube videos provides general information about HR careers, careers at the graduate level, career advice from professionals, and interviews with some top dogs in the HR industry on their jobs, policies and responsibilities.

General HR Career Videos

  1. Careers in Human ResourcesCareers in Human Resources: The University of Toronto UTM Career Centre offers a video that talks about HR management.
  2. Federal Judiciary Careers: Human Resources: The U.S.Courts’ Human Resources (HR) professionals provide frontline services to the federal court workforce.
  3. Human Resource — Business Administration: This video by Western explains the seven key areas of human resources: safety, employment law, training, HR management, compensation and benefits, international human resources and staffing.
  4. Human Resource Management Career Overview: Watch this short video to learn what a career in HR management really entails.
  5. Human Resources 101 Online Course — Universal Class: Enhance your career opportunities by learning how to manage a human resources department in this UniversalClass online course.
  6. Human Resources Career Opportunities: offers a brief overview about jobs available in a human resources career.
  7. HR Advisor Jobs, HR Advisor Vacancy, Human Resource Advisor Jobs: Employment Crossing provides ideas and resources about HR advisory positions.
  8. HR Career Exploration: One of several videos offered by the Upstart HR YouTube network.
  9. My Career Opportunity in HR-1: This is the first of over ten videos about a training program in HR, delivered by Dr. Salah ElKashef.
  10. Project Management Fundamentals — Human Resources: Project Management Certification is for professionals looking to become certified in Project Management as a Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).

Graduate Careers in HR

  1. 12 Graduate Careers in HR12 Graduate Careers in HR: Grad Ireland provides information about twelve possible HR careers for individuals who pursue a graduate degree in this field.
  2. Graduate Careers in Human Resources — Musgrave: This educational video focuses on graduate careers in HR.
  3. HR graduate degree: Endless possibilities: Cornell University ILR student, Karen O’Rell, talks about returning to school for her graduate degree in HR.
  4. Securing a Graduate Placement: Phil Wells (Human Resources Manager, WHK Horwath, Sydney) and Caroline Henshaw (Graduate Recruitment Manager, Deloitte) share their tips on securing a placement and highlight the importance of finding the right placement to match your career goals with the company best suited to you.
  5. Vania, current HR Grad talking about the Telstra Graduate Program: Offering 18-24 month programs in a number of areas, the rotations open many doors to explore and determine the parts of the business that you connect most with.

Career Advice

  1. Gemma FrenchCareer Advice On Becoming A HR Administrator by Gemma French: This is the full version, lasting almost five minutes. Determined, independent and driven Gemma is relishing her responsibilities as HR administrator with her company.
  2. Employee Performance Risks: Anne-Marie Orrock of Corporate Canary Human Resources Consulting shares how to identify the human resources risks within your organization. Find out how employee performance is critical to company success and that having an effective performance appraisal process can achieve up to 23 percent in profit margin.
  3. For all Human Resource Specialists: A quick must-see video for all forward looking human resource professionals.
  4. Human Resources: Dealing With Lack of Motivation: Discover how documentation can help to correct a lack of motivation with help from a certified personnel consultant in this free video on human resources.
  5. Human Resources: Employee Performance Appraisal Samples: Discover why the 360 is an effective performance appraisal with help from a certified personnel consultant in this free video on human resources.
  6. Human Resources: Writing Employee Goals for Performance Appraisal: Find out why coming across as competent is important when writing goals for employee appraisals with help from a certified personnel consultant in this free video on human resources.
  7. HR: 25 Things I’ve Learned in Human Resources: Drawn from both personal screw-ups and successes. “No need to reinvent the wheel.”
  8. HR Career — 25 Lessons I’ve Learned in 25 Years in Human Resources: A veteran HR career specialist offers advice after a quarter century in the field.
  9. HR Career — Building Your Human Resources Network: This video talks about the seven types of people you must have in your HR network if you want to advance your career in human resources.
  10. HR in the New Economy: How will you handle HR in the “New Economy”? Let the kids of provide you with some of their insight and suggestions.
  11. HR that works for you, not your company: This video offers career advice, promotions, career advancement, salary negotiations, workplace harassment, discrimination, job interviews and much more.
  12. The Future of HR: Workforce Canada offers a visionary look at the future of HR and HR careers.
  13. USC Marshall — John Boudreau Interview: USC Marshall Professor John Boudreau discusses his book, Beyond HR, and its implications for human resources, managing talent and strategic leadership.

HR Interviews and Career Focuses

  1. Angelic HueyAngelic — Human Resources Careers at Harrah’s: Angelic Huey, recruitment coordinator, talks about her job at Harrah’s and offers advice on how to enhance your own HR career.
  2. Career Advice — Recruitment and HR: Alan Whitford, founding partner of RCEURO, shares his advice on how best to achieve a successful career in the recruitment industry.
  3. Career Ambassadors — Specialist, Human Resources: Russel Mercredi is Specialist, Human Resources for Cameco, and he talks about his career and job responsibilities.
  4. Employee Wellness Magazine Interview with Alan Waltars, HR Director, Unilever: Employee Wellness Magazine interview with Alan Walters, HR Director at Unilever UK & Ireland to find out what the secrets to success are behind their highly commended workplace health and wellbeing program “Fit Business,” which currently is being rolled out to all 17 of their sites.
  5. Human resources interview: Philippa Hird: Former group HR director of ITV Philippa Hird talks to about HR’s role within a recession – and how it can prepare for the eventual upturn.
  6. Human Resources Managers — Career Profile: Learn about how to plan, direct, and coordinate human resource management activities of an organization to maximize the strategic use of human resources and maintain functions such as employee compensation, recruitment, personnel policies, and regulatory compliance.
  7. Human Resources Organizational Development Consultant: An organizational development consultant discusses her typical day at work, the qualifications needed for the job, the best and worst parts of the job, and advice that can be used by students considering this line of work.
  8. Interview with a Human Resources Manager at Mattel Canada: Lauren from TalentEgg gets a chance to sit down and talk to a human resources manager at Mattel Canada to see what they’re looking for in the next Mattel intern.
  9. Interview with Ann Best, Chief Human Resources Officer for HISD: Ann Best works as chief human resources officer for the Houston Independent School District.
  10. Interview with Patrick Dubert HR Senior VP: The Alstom Foundation campaigns to improve the quality of life in local communities across the globe. Patrick Dubert, Human Resources Senior Vice President, talks about the aims and motivations of the Foundation, including how important it is that Alstom employees are involved directly in every project.
  11. Interview with Peter Malinga, Human Resources Agency, Rwanda: Peter Malinga discusses engaging middle managers in governance reform.
  12. Mr. Leon Menezes, GM Human Resources Shell Pakistan: Mr. Menezes shares his views on the ROZEE.PK Campus Career Portal initiative which will connect 87 HEC accredited universities with 15,000 employers in Pakistan (2008).