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30 Best Web Forums for HR Students and Professionals

Human resources (HR) students and professionals often deal with current issues that don’t have answers in any textbooks. The best place to turn to for those answers in this case is news sources and your peers. You can find a vast array of HR discussions, forums, social networking links, libraries, and human resources communities on the Internet. Topics range from broad discussions to specific on software, from job opportunities to mentoring, and from legal issues to accounting. This list touches the main resources available, missing many membership-only discussions, such as the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association (NPELRA) forum and other forums and question-and-answer formats found at many social media outlets.

For Students and Professionals

HR Managers

The forums in this category are suited for both professionals and students. Topics are general, and some forums contains subjects geared directly to HR students.

  1. CHRM Community: This forum is just one portion of a portal filled with resources and tools for HR professionals. Topics include personal development, coaching and mentoring, and other subjects suited to both professionals and students.
  2. HR Exchange: This forum seems fairly new, but active. Topics include careers, jobs, strategy, and employment law.
  3. This forum can prove a great resource for students and professionals, as it covers compliance tools for human resources. provides the advice and answers you need to complete your human resources tasks faster and easier.
  4. Human Resources Forum: This is a public board that often contains relevant information for discussion.
  5. People HR Forum: This forum aims to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, new ideas and best practices amongst HR professionals, consultants and students.
  6. SHRM Communities: Become a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to take advantage of their community programs. They have a special focus on students.
  7. Social Zeus Groups: Students and professionals might find a niche group here…currently, 49 groups are listed, including groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  8. Your HR World Management Forum: The “Human Resource Zone” seems very active, but the HR Career section has great resources for students or recent graduates in this field.

For Professionals

Human Resources

Although students can learn much from the forums in this category, the answers usually come from highly-seasoned professionals unless stated otherwise.

  1. CiteHR Human Resource Management: CiteHR is a community that let’s you put your office or work related issues in front of a large group of peers. You must register to use the site.
  2. CLC HR Social Media Discussion Forum: The Social Media Discussion Forum allows professionals from Human Resources and other functions to share questions, insights, and advice on strategies to leverage social media and social networking.
  3. Human Resources Forum: Discuss issues relating to the workplace. Human resources, management, organization development, work relationships, leadership, and professional development are examples of issues to discuss in this forum.
  4. HR Marketer Message Boards: Read reviews and comments from members about their favorite (and least favorite) media outlets, journalists, analysts, conferences, expos, and more.
  5. HR Professionals: Sponsored by the HR Examiner, this forum currently contains 182 discussions, but few of the newest questions and topics have replies. Still, some of the topics seem interesting.
  6. HR Space: A public space for professionals to ask questions and answer issues pertaining to the HR community.
  7. HR Talk: This is a public forum for members to share HR-related information and experience with other SHRM members in a professional manner. This is not an area for posting job announcements, marketing products or soliciting resumes.
  8. Communities: Plus into the discussion of your choice to connect, learn, network, and share with peers. Members have easy access to the shared knowledge on best practices, trends and industry news that allow you to develop your company’s most important asset – it’s people.
  9. Labor Law Talk: This public forum is geared toward employers, managers, and human resources personnel.
  10. Legal Workplace Message Board: This public message board focuses on legal obligations required in human resources. You must register to participate.
  11. Workforce Forums: This forum covers the general workplace, but also covers topics such as legal issues, benefits and compensation, recruiting and staffing, and technology.

HR Special Forums

USDA Employees

The forums in this category are geared toward specific regions or HR groups geared toward accounting, government, recruitment, and software.

  1. Accountants World Discussion Forums: This forum focuses on payroll, vacation tracking software, HRM, and other issues that deal with human resources and accounting.
  2. AHRI HR Connect: The Australian Human Resources Institute conducts a forum for students, including mentoring, debate, networking and Q&A among students.
  3. Govloop Human Resources Discussions: This forum is pretty, but it doesn’t appear to be very active. With that said, the questions are intriguing.
  4. HR Buzz: This is an Australian forum that might provide insights for students and professionals. Topics include careers, recruitment, workplace safety, and technology.
  5. HR Generalist Jobs Forum: Offered by Indeed, this forum focuses on general human resources jobs, with lots of questions from recent graduates.
  6. Human Resource Project Management Community of Practice ListServ: This community discussion forums lets you interact with your peers around the world. Ask a question, share insights and experiences, and develop best practices.
  7. Northern California Human Resources Forum: This LinkedIn group is very specific regionally. If you live in another part of the country, look for another LinkedIn group that might fit your HR needs.
  8. Oracle HRMS: Oracle has an open public forum for their human resource management programs.
  9. Ask your recruiting questions on this forum, and get answers from other recruiters.
  10. SAP Network Forums: Questions regarding ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Human Resource Management development and implementation are discussed here.
  11. The HR Library Discussions: You must log in to view and comment, but it might be worth the effort. Topics here include archives of many of the discussions included in this list, as well as blogs, region-specific HR discussions, newsgroups, message boards and e-mail group lists.