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25 Most Popular Software Applications for HR Professionals

When you work in human resources, you need to know how to manage people, and how to keep things working smoothly. It’s interesting work, and it’s important work. However, there are often a number of responsibilities that come with the job.

If you want help in your job as a HR professional, technology has provided a way for you to find what you need. From web apps to apps that you can operate from your smart phone, there are a number of helpful resources for your use. Here are 25 great software applications for HR professionals:

Employee and Talent Management Software Applications

Whether you are screening potential employees, or whether you need to keep track of the talent of current employees, these applications can help. These software applications will help you stay organized, and keep tabs on what is happening with your human capital.

  1. The Interviewer: Improve your interview skills. This will help you make better hires as a manager. You can also keep track of the applicants you have already interviewed.
  2. Open Applicant: Want to keep track of job applicants? This is a great tool that not only helps you keep track of your potential employees, but actually helps you assess them.
  3. ApplicantStack: Simplifies employment screening and applicant tracking. Also great for using when it comes to recruitment. A great HR software application when looking for new talent.
  4. OrangeHRM: One of the most popular open source web apps available for human resources management. Helps you set up job descriptions and other important information, while providing you with other administrative abilities.
  5. RAMCO: One of the best human capital management tools around. You can use this HR resource for training, performance reviews, workforce management and more. Includes plenty of features to help you manage your employees from the day they are hired until the day they leave.
  6. Star Tracka: This is all about managing your human capital in a way that allows you to retain the most talented people.
  7. Jobscience: You can try a free trial of these software application that is great for helping you manage your talent — known as human capital. Perfect for most HR professionals.
  8. The Human Equation: Allows you to set up industry specific training modules and more. Perfect for managing human capital in a way that is customizable.
  9. The Influencer: iPhone app meant to help you be a better mediator. It’s a practical software application, that you can carry with you anywhere, to improve your ability to work with employees and solve their problems. Great relationship building application.

Payroll Software Applications

You need to keep track of who is being paid what — and when. From time clock management, to automatic withdrawals and direct deposits, these applications can ensure that you are on top of all of your payroll needs.

  1. Softworks: Payroll and employee time management software. Helps you keep track of benefits, hours, pay and other items related to compensation. Includes a great workforce analytics feature.
  2. Sage: Focuses on payroll solutions that can help you keep track of pay and benefits. Also includes other features related to human resources management.
  3. VistaHRMS: Manage payroll, employees, and more. Perfect for your company’s needs for payment and more. Also includes benefits administration features.
  4. Web TimeSheet: Great time sheet that allows you to track employee work hours digitally. Plenty of time management features, as well as payroll help. You can also use this time sheet to track accrued days off, and let employees request time off.
  5. TimeTrex: Another time sheet that helps you keep track of employee work time, as well as other items. Payroll functions, job costing and even invoicing are available with this great HR software application.

Time Management and Scheduling Software Applications

If you are interested in making sure that your time is efficiently used doing your duties, these software applications can be quite helpful. Also includes scheduling and meeting applications that can make it easier to connect with others.

  1. WebEx: This is great meeting software. If you are managing employees in different company locations, this is a great tool. You can have meetings and training sessions, as well as share presentations.
  2. Doodle: Meant to help you with scheduling. You can quickly schedule meetings with others. You can confirm dates and times. Includes customization so that you can schedule meetings in your own style.
  3. CyberMatrix Meeting Manager: Not only can you schedule meetings and appointments, but this software application allows you to schedule conference rooms and other facilities. Perfect for managing different meetings and rooms. No more meeting room conflicts!
  4. TimeBridge: Meeting scheduler that also helps you plan an agenda and get everyone on the same page for meetings. Great scheduling software application. Can help you arrange trainings and other HR related events.
  5. OnTime: A great mobile app for your smart phone that acts as a calendar, to-do list and meeting schedule all in one. You will be on time for your meetings, and you can prioritize tasks. A great planner for the HR professional.
  6. GooSync: If you use Google Calendar, this is a great smart phone app. You can sync your mobile device to the calendar, as well as other devices. Your tasks, contacts and more can all be kept in one place. Perfect for the HR professional on the go.

Career Development Software Applications

Pay attention to your own career, and connect with other HR professionals. With the help of these applications, you can explore new opportunities, and stay on the alert for for others who might be looking for a job.

  1. Dictionary of Human Resource Management Terms: A great app for anyone who wants to stay on top of their game.
  2. LinkedIn: If you are interested in keeping a professional profile, making connections and being ready for the next opportunity, you can have your LinkedIn profile at your fingertips.
  3. Beam Me: You can send your digital business card to anyone with the help of this software application. From job applicants to other HR professionals met at conferences, this great app can help you share your contact information.
  4. Recorder: Make sure to keep track of your calls. Can protect you in the event of accusations, and can be a great way to keep track of what was said in meetings.
  5. Documents To Go: Your productivity can be a big deal when it comes to your HR career. This mobile application can help you stay on top of your workload — no matter where you are.