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Human resources degree programs focus on developing a student's communication, organizational, critical thinking, and human interaction skills. HR Managers may develop strategies and then solve how best to implement them. Below are some top schools with online human resources degrees.

Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers online degree programs, MS, MBA and MSM in Human Resources. This program offers students targeted study to help you enhance your professional expertise and stand out to employers. The program provides students with the opportunity to explore the topics of employment and labor law, and employee training and development.
Ashford University – Ashford University offers online BA degree programs in Human Resources Management and Master of Human Resource Management. The MBA program offers this specialization where students learn training and development, compensation and benefits, and strategies in human resources management. The program focuses on crafting a solid hiring strategy to recruit the best talent and legal requirements.
Walden University – Walden University offers online degree programs, BSBA in HR Management and MBA in HR Management. In this program student will have the opportunity to develop a deeper awareness of leadership styles and how they impact individuals and teams. Courses include: Managing and Leading, Innovation and Technology, and Accounting.
Strayer University – Strayer University offers online degree programs, BBA and MBA in HR Management. This program teaches students to align human resource principles with organizational goals and strategies in order to deliver business results. Students can specialize in Human Resource Generalist or Human Resource and Organizational Development. Courses include: Contemporary Business and Leadership.
Colorado Technical University – Colorado Technical University offers online degrees, BSBA in HR Management and MBA in HR Management. This degree program is designed to prepare students to integrate HR functions into an organization's strategic plan. Topics covered include: long-range planning approaches, developing leadership vision, conflict resolution and international labor relations.
Keller Graduate School of Management – Keller Graduate School of Management offers online an online Masters degree program in HR Management. This program provides a real-world blend of theory and application that can immediately be put to use in the workplace. The online program is customized to each student. The program requires both core management courses and group projects.
Capella University – Capella University offers online HR degrees, BS and MBA in HR Management. This program provides students with an overview of key business areas to increase their ability to effectively partner with other functions and contribute to their company's success. Students who choose this specialization often pursue positions in recruiting, compensation or labor relations.

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What Types of Human Resource Degrees Exist and What are They Called?

If you are interested in a career in human resources (HR), the first step is earning a degree. But it is important to first determine what the right program is for you. This can vary based on how much time and money you are willing and able to commit. Are you interested in a degree that you can complete in two years, or would you prefer to pursue a four-year degree? You should weigh your options and career aspirations before deciding on a program. Below are a few of the degrees that specialize in human resources:

Human Resources

Human Resources Management

What You Should Know About Accreditation and Ranking

Choosing between schools that offer various human resources degrees can be confusing. Many students end up turning to sources such as U.S. News & World Report to learn about the college ranking system. They list the top schools in business, national, liberal arts, graduate, and many other categories. However, these rankings can be ultimately arbitrary if they do not match up with what an individual student looks for in a school. Factors such as tuition cost, graduation rate, financial aid, and more should all be considered and weighed when choosing a human resources program.

One of the best ways to begin a search for the right school is to make sure it is accredited. This is the standard applied by the U.S. Department of Education to ensure that students are getting the education they pay for. Simply visit their site for a search engine that can tell you which school is accredited, along with which agency accredited it. You can also use it to search for schools by state and even find internship positions. After finding accredited schools, you can narrow the list by your own criteria or apply to all of the schools listed to see which is the best fit for your needs.

What Career Can I Get With a Human Resources Degree?

Once a company, corporation, or organization grows to a certain size, human resources professionals are needed at all levels. Your career and advancement in the field will depend on your education, experience, and qualifications. Some potential career paths include:

  • Human Resources Assistant – This position can be offered to human resources students or as an entry-level position to recent graduates.
  • Human Resources Coordinator – This entry-level position involves the basics of human resources and can require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, along with relevant experience.
  • Human Resources Generalist – This job requires a degree in human resources, as well as related work experience. This position is responsible for hiring, developing company policies, coordinating staff, and more.
  • Compensation Specialist – As a compensation specialist, your work primarily consists of employee payroll, benefits, and analysis.
  • Development Manager – You are responsible for hiring and training new employees.
  • Human Resources Manager – They work with all aspects of human resources as a manager, including everything from hiring to terminations.
  • Recruiter – This human resources professional is responsible for attracting the most talented and qualified employees to their company.
  • Human Resources Director – This is one of the highest positions in HR. Directors run the entire human resources department. This position is also sometimes referred to as vice president of human resources.

What is the Average Salary for Someone With a Human Resources Degree?

The average salary for someone going into human resources is determined by many factors. The more experience and education you have, the more positions you will be qualified for, and therefore, the more money you can potentially earn. For those with less education and experience, you can expect to work in positions such as human resources coordinator or human resources assistant.

As you continue to climb the human resources ladder, you open yourself up to the highest-paying positions. Some of these include compensation and benefits manager, development manager, and director of human resources. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the first two positions had an average annual salary of $86,500 and $87,700, respectively.

The type of employer is also an important factor when deriving pay. The BLS has several lists on many human resources professionals. Using the same for human resources managers, the best paying employers for this position were companies and enterprises with an average annual salary of $107,280. The middle of the pack included hospitals, local government, and schools each with salaries of $91,580; $89,240; and $86,920, respectively. The lowest paying employers for human resources managers were state governments with an average annual salary of $76,570.

Where Can I Find Human Resource Scholarships and Grants?

With any form of higher education, the financial aid office of the school you plan to attend or are currently attending is the first stop when looking for financial assistance and advice. They can help guide and direct you on how to apply for aid, how to search for financial assistance, and how to determine if you qualify. There are also many sites that can help you find and apply for financial aid:

  1. FAFSA: If you ask any financial aid advisor, this is absolutely the first step in applying for and finding financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid can connect the student with loads of possibilities in paying for school, including scholarships and grants.
  2. Fastweb: The site specializes in connecting students with billions of dollars in scholarship money. It is a very extensive database with a great scholarship search engine.
  3. National Science Foundation: On this site, if you search under Human Resource Development (HRD), you will find awards that are offered to undergraduate and graduate students, along with postdoctoral fellows, and K-12 educators.
  4. Student Scholarship Program: These scholarships are provided by the Society for Human Resource Management. They are currently offering 25 scholarships at a total of $52,500. Visit to get details, information, and even apply online.
  5. WorldatWork Scholarship Program: They offer scholarships to qualifying students looking to earn certification. The application requires a resume, work history, letter of recommendation, and essay.
  6. ASTD Higher Education: The American Society for Training and Development has over 129 chapters around the country, providing local networking, professional development, and mentoring opportunities for students. They also have a list of scholarships in various areas, including human resources.
  7. American Opportunity Tax Credit: This tax credit helps students and their families pay for the cost of college. This is not allowed to be combined with the Lifetime Learning Credit, so make sure to see which is best for you.

Filling out FAFSA and scholarship applications can be confusing, but don’t get frustrated. Your current or future school has counseling offices in addition to financial aid offices that can help you complete these forms at no charge. Be wary of those who offer help or guarantees in scholarship or grant money in exchange for compensation.

Another common way for students to pay for higher education is a student loan. Unlike a scholarship or grant, these loans do have to be paid back. Because getting into debt before a career has even begun can be tricky, consider carefully whether or not you want a student loan that you will have to pay back. Good student loans consist of money upfront, no payments until graduation, and a low interest rate.

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